How Chromecast Works, Chromecast Protocol Described

Google in their This summer event introduced a brand new media device that offers to take advantage from the Biggest display within your house without including any type of difficulties.

All product internet titans: Apple, Google and Microsoft have been attempting to simplify discussing media to HDTVs and which makes them wiser. Google itself had produced Google TV, Nexus Q and today Chromecast.


Chromecast is first Zero config music, video discussing to TV service, beating the simplicity anything else on the market. Discussing any media or browser tab from device to TV is simply a tap away.

Just how performs this fascinating a single click discussing works?

Chromecast Protocol Described

DLNA + UPnP allows you stream media from mobile phones, laptops to compatible HDTVs. But you will find plenty of steps involved. Mostly, these solutions are complex enough for any typical home user. But Chromecast uses UPnP and DIAL protocol to eradicate intrication.


DIAL (Uncover And Launch Protocol) uses UPnP (Universal Plug N Play) protocol for network element discovery. Upnp multicasts and probes for available audience and senders on the given local Wi-fi compatability network. So basically moment clicking Chromecast  icon on Chrome tab or android device, it probes and finds out First screen DIAL server (Chromecast device blocked to High definition tv within this situation). Once discovered, it synchronizes information about how for connecting into it.

According to Leos Nicholas, the straightforward Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) response states the unit is running Linux: “Linux/3..8-g702c5ee, UPnP/1., Portable SDK for UPnP products/1.6.18″ and also the “X-User-Agent” is “redsonic”. So its basically a Linux based Chrome OS device, as already stated by Google.

The unit description response states the model title is “Eureka Dongle”.  It props up following DIAL applications:





http://10.x.x.x:8008/applications/The planet pandora

Chromecast uses smartphone to manage media playback. The videos/music is performed in the cloud instead of in the smartphone, this causes it to be possible continue the playback once the initiator is no more in your home wi-fi compatability network.


In the tests, he discovered that whenever a YouTube video has been performed from phone, the DIAL Application Information Request states the “ramp” protocol was utilized. Playback could be stopped using HTTP Remove. So basically, you are able to control the press playback using standard methods, outdoors Chrome. However, other controls like video progress seeking didn’t use any standard stuff, to ensure that part might be written being an proprietary extension towards the DIAL and ramp protocol.

For  Netflix it seems to become with a couple kind of websocket within the local LAN. For Google Be A Musician, Chrome casting, it uses DIAL “ramp” protocol.

DIAL Protocol

DIAL protocol has two components, DIAL Service Discovery and also the DIAL Relaxation Service. DIAL Service Discovery allows a DIAL client device to uncover DIAL servers on its local network segment and access the DIAL Relaxation Service on individuals products.=

The DIAL Relaxation Service allows a DIAL client to question, launch and optionally stop programs on the DIAL Server device. DIAL Service Discovery is accomplished utilizing a new Search Target inside the SSDP protocol defined by UPnP as well as an additional header within the reaction to an HTTP request the UPnP device description.

The DIAL Relaxation Services are utilized using HTTP. On DIAL protocol here.

What’s Inside ChromeCast Dongle

Chromecast is really a Chrome OS device on the low-finish hardware. The circuit board is extremely small and it has an onboard Marvell processor (most likely just one core 1Ghz) as well as an AzureWave combo Wi-Fi nick, together with 4GB of expensive memory storage (for caching) and 512MB of low-current RAM.


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